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LG’s RESU battery is a home energy storage solution that can be paired with a solar panel system. The RESU can bring more savings, protection, and independence into your home with a battery storage unit programmed to automate your energy usage and provide backup power.

Utilize your surplus solar energy

Typical homes have high energy demands in the mornings and in the evenings but solar generation is highest mid-day. Without a Home Battery, much of the solar energy would be wasted since there isn’t a high demand for the power in the home. A Home Battery allows you to store solar overproduction in order to use it later on when your energy demands are the highest.

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Final_LG Chem_Lifestyle_17Y Garage_19110

Be prepared

Hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters can unexpectedly cause a power outage and impact your family's safety and security. Be prepared and power your
home with the LG Home Battery RESU.

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