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Bright Spot Solutions

Bright Spot Solar is committed to empowering the communities they serve with the best technologies in renewable energy.  Join the millions of communities around the world who have taken back the power to choose renewable energy!  

From the coastal beaches of Malibu to the high deserts of Apple Valley, Bright Spot Solar has been a leading provider of renewable energy since 2015.  With a complete team of designers, engineers, electricians and roofers you can rest assure top quality results.  

Bright Spot Solar is committed to bringing the latest in renewable energy to the hundreds of communities it serves across Southern California.  With a unique combination of experience in the installation, distribution and manufacturing industries, Bright Spot Solar aims to provide an honest solar marketplace.  

Bright Spot Solar honers itself in the ability to provide a complete analysis of both the environmental and physical impact of each system.  Providing top quality design and installation is the top priority.  The difference is clear, no fuzzy numbers, no long pointless proposals, no runarounds, clear honest answers.

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